Highrise Review

A Short History of The Highrise may be short in the way that the broad topic and history has been compacted, but it remains to be expansive and engaging in coverage.


Points of Navigation

The main navigation on the left sidebar parallels its topic of high rise buildings. There are three different stages titled concrete, glass, and home.  Additionally, these different parts can be viewed by dragging the screen to the right at the beginning of each part.


Once a section is chosen a video or images is displayed. Throughout the video, there are opportunities to learn more about a specific topic by pressing the explore button at the bottom of the screen. Once that button is clicked, additional images, text, and interactive slideshows appear to engage the reader in experiences to learn more.


While Concrete and Glass are videos, the Home section is all images. Those images can also be viewed in the gallery section.

Media Elements


There are various media elements used in the piece including:

  • Video
  • Photographs (Still images and slideshows)
  • Music
  • Background Audio Noise
  • Voice Audio Narration
  • Interactivity of  images
  • Text


There is also a discussion forum available for viewers to provide feedback or interact with one another.


200years ago

The chronological timeline is displayed across different civilizations and periods of time that adopted high rise style living. The timelines spans from over 2000 years ago to modern day.


Overall, I agree that this is a great example of digital storytelling. However, I wonder if the navigation is intuitive enough. Since I was reviewing this piece for a class assignment, I was forced to be  more investigative. If I was just viewing this story for pleasure, I may have missed various aspects that it has to offer because while one form of media is being entertained, navigation can be easily missed. Perhaps, directional pop up clues triggering navigation could help be beneficial.


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