Bethel Releases “Have It All” and It’s A Hit!

If you’re a fan of contemporary Christian music, Bethel’s latest album “Have It All” releasing on March 11th is a BIG DEAL. You’re listening to the album and scanning social media to see everyone’s reaction. It is truly all an experience that you have to celebrate with others because a new Bethel album type of joy has to be shared among other excited fans. Yes, it’s that big of deal!

It all started with a free stream of the ENTIRE album the week prior. The album that is not yet streaming on Spotify, was able to be listened to for FREE.

No iTunes issues could get in the way of a successful album release! Brian starts off the album release day addressing complications some pre-orders were having.

Band member Amanda posts about her excitement of the album being released.

Jenn Johnson, one of the founding members of the band posts that this is her favorite album yet. That’s saying a lot after more than 10 albums have been releeased  from the band.

Just to add to the excitement of the day, Bethel releases a very transparent video from Brian talking about his struggles with anxiety  and how it was the inspiration for songs on the album.

When such a major artist like Chris Tomline brags on an album, it makes it official.

TheChristianBeat adds to the Bethel glory by releasing a post about the soon coming Heaven Come Conference in Los Angeles hosted by the band in May.

Lyric videos for all of the songs on the album are uploaded to Youtube, major deal.

Fans are beginning to pick their favorite songs on the album.

The good reviews continue to come in.

The numbers don’t lie, Bethel reached the #1 spot for top albums on iTunes.









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