Here’s Why Worship Music is Winning

Christian music or worship music is a style of music that at its’ core uplifts and inspires people who follow the Christian faith. However, it is a type of muscic that can be enjoyed by any one. In a culture where the next best tip or habit that gets us closer to success is a constant focus, here’s why worship music is winning and helps listeners win:

Beautiful smiling african woman with headphones listens to music

It reminds you who are you and hope to be.

It’s easy to feel excited and enthusiastic about ourselves at the beginning of the year. By the end of January, it’s just as easy not to feel that way about ourselves or the goals we’ve set out to accomplish. Songs like, “Brave” by Moriah Peters or “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel reminds listeners that fear, doubt, and pain have less power on an identity that’s rooted in love and victory.

beautiful african young woman listening music earphones

It takes the attention off of yourself.

While being reminded of how great we are sometimes gives us the boost of confidence we need, other times we need to look less at ourselves entirely. Worship music distracts self focus by trading it in for focusing about a higher and better being. This allows for listeners to gracefully accept that they can’t control everything and everything doesn’t revolve around them. It’s in those moments where mediation takes place, gratitude occurs, and joy increases. 

Young Girl Listens to Music in White Headphones

It’s relatable.

Songs about million dollar homes, extravagant trips, and dating escapades might be the reality for some, but it’s not for most of us. Even though it can be fun to forget about daily life or world struggles by singing mindless lyrics, it’s not as affirming. Lyrics about regular situations like feeling defeated after losing keys while rushing out the door, in Francesa Battiseli’s, “This Is The Stuff” are just plain real. Lyrics about the state of our cities and underprivileged areas that need all of us to help, like in Chris Tomlin’s,”God Of This City” hit home. Lyrics that don’t dismiss our lives, but validate them give music an entirely new purpose.

young beautiful brunette woman with smart phone

It has positive lyrics.

Long commutes to and from work can make the most patient person irritable. Listening to news, music, or talking to loved ones is often our only outlet while driving. Worship music has the ability to make bumper to bumper traffic a little less horrible with its’ positivity. Songs about forgiveness, hope, joy, and peace make life seem brighter even if it isn’t just yet.

Two young women with headphones.

It comes in different genres and styles.

Long are the days when worship music only means gospel sounds or quiet hyms heard on Sunday’s. Now, worship music is created in a variety of styles including pop, rap, and soul. There’s a style for any type of music lover, making it a source of connection in a world separated by likes and dislikes.

So, are you already listening to one of your favorite worshp artists or feeling the slightest bit more convinced to give worship music a try? It just may help you win!

Image Source: DollarPhotoClub.



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